Aspects of Statistics in Parallel with Online Procedure

Aspects of Statistics in Parallel with Online Procedure
In the modern world of science and technology, the statistical importance is very well recognized in all fields.The branch of mathematics that study about data collection, analysation, interpretation, presentation and organization is known as Statistics. It assists in highlighting the important features of data and studied relationship among different facts. It helps in prediction or forcasting.

Statistics is the subject recognized in science to make effective employ of numerical data relating to any relevant facts and figures or experiments. It basically deals with all aspects of data analysis, collection of survey results and interpretation of such valid information into a planned and designed format for further experimentation or reference. So a statistics tutor should have sound knowledge on the subject before offering help with statistics oriented projects to any student. It is also very demanding to learn statistics especially because of its probability factor that leads to any in the survey of data abruptly. So it is quite challenging to stay updated and yet make the learning process of statistics look comprehensive. Statistics help in prediction of future profit in a business or service besides developing a concept on the availed collection of data and information. There is a slight blurred line between statistics and Probability, which is clearly explained by following figure.


For any learning process of a subject, there are basically two approaches, either offline or online. Offline mode of imparting knowledge to learn statistics have stipulated timings that are always required to be maintained strictly by both the students and the professors. The daylight college hours or the night schools can at time be very tiring and dissatisfying. On the other hand, online teaching techniques are far a mile flexible and also faster in developing a basic concept on the subject. This is because a statistics tutorial can be prepared and made to appear online which an aspiring student and use to learn at any point of time.  Besides in online imparting of education there lies the option to study a subject even being working as an employee. Just using a computer system facilitated with internet connection any person and come up and gain knowledge as and when required on challenging topics like statistics. Also there will be available study materials to even help with statistics related projects and topics in may other websites which an individual can surf to collect data and information. So it is not mandatory to flock together under one roof of a classroom or a library in a destined time to learn the same which is found in the other format of learning process.

Moreover there is an ocean of websites from where a student can get help in statistics oriented queries and theories if he fails to grab the same in one particular site. A statistics tutor can also gather ample information for preparing an effective statistics tutorial for pupils from such relevant websites to make them learn statistics in a school or an institute. So the advent of online education on any subject has added a new thread to the learning process as a whole.


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