Facebook initiates curbing sensational or misleading health content


Usually, people don’t like sensational, spam or misleading health content but there are many Facebook users and publishers who are posting misleading and sensational content related to health.


The largest social media platform, Facebook, has started minimizing the sensational or misleading health content in order to have accurate and reliable health information for its community members, according to the


In this connection, Facebook is making changes to improve the quality of the information in the News Feed of its community as a whole.


In this connection, Facebook made two ranking updates last month with the purpose of reducing the posts with exaggerated or sensational health claims and those posts attempting to sell products/services based on health-related claims.


Facebook is handling this matter in the same manner as it previously dealt with by reducing low-quality like clickbait by recognizing the commonly used phrases in such kinds of posts and then showing them lower in the News Feed.


As a result of this update, the publisher of most Facebook pages will not observe any prominent change in the News Feed. Facebook pages must avoid exaggerated or misleading content related to health claims. If any Facebook page stops posting such kind of content, their posts will not be affected any longer.

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