Fish- The Healthier Food


Better Food Consumption for Existence of good healthGood food is essential for existing of life. The conclusion about best food would not depend on its taste. A good food considered like that should be based on its contents – especially on the nutritional importance. Diet should be controlled and balanced. Remember that the basic factor behind every illness is a disorder of the food or its components. If the vitamin or nutrient content in food declined extremely man would defeat by diseases. His life span will decrease by that

Importance of Fish in Healthy Lifestyle

fish-2A great percentage of world population loves the fish recipes to eat. It considers¬†as a better food for health. But many of us have no accurate idea about fish’s importance for healthful life. Notice following things.

Fish is rich in natural nutrients. So we can depend on it with closed eyes. It is filled with the high amount of protein and good cholesterol. If you have the habit of eating good fishes 2 times in a week it will ensure sufficient nutrient value for your body. They also provide a source of vitamins.

What Fishes are More Healthier?

According to a nutritionist, marine fishes are more good and healthy. They provide sufficient health factors for our body. Especially sardine, mackerel, shark etc… Mixed fishes of smallest marine fishes are also important. They are full of various amino acids and vitamins. Sardine, Mackerel and Shark have A and D vitamins and high amount of protein.

They also contain various metals which are important for the building of bones and blood. They are also digestible even both for children and old age people. They also develop muscular efficiency. Sardine and mackerel are good for heart patients and blood pressure patients. They are helpful for brain development and cell reproduction. Marine fish recipes will contain a good amount of iodine. So they are best for thyroid patients.

Benefits of Fish Liver Oil:

fish-3Fish liver oil is the most precious byproduct from fishes. It is better for the health of eyes. Fatty acids in fish liver oil help for developing eye sight. In human with the increasing age, eyesight would become decrease. It is called ‘Age-related muscular disorder (AMD)’. If you having the fish liver oil, the happening of AMD will delay. Fish liver oil consumption is better for girls and women.

It’s good affects can get to their children also. Special components in fish liver oil are also helpful for healthy nervous system. Researches found that fish liver oil is good for mental health also.

How Omega 3 Fatty Acid from Fish Benefits Our Health:

Omega 3 is a valuable fatty acid in the fish liver oil. It is very good for our eyes. As I told above fish oil is helpful for developing mental health. Its main cause is the presence of omega 3 in it. Omega 3 will influence memory, thinking and involuntary processes. So it is useful for schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimers patients.

Omega 3 consumption in hyperactive students also found useful. When they consumed it for 6 months with their food, a good result had formed. They became more good students. It develops their memory, spelling efficiency…. Omega 3 is also good for heart patients. It lowers the concentration of blood as aspirin. But it has no side effects as a medicine.

How Fish Diet Help in Weight Loss:

Fish recipes are helpful for weight loss. If you make good and tasty recipes without fat, you can lose your extra weight. Fish is also helpful for lean people. If you make the fish into best curries by using fat or cheese, you can get sufficient fat to your body.

Precautions Against Fish Food:

fishAs it was already mentioned, marine fishes are good foods for health. But now, it must remember about sea pollution. Various types of metal pollutants and others go to the sea water. A percentage of them will be in these fish resource. So avoid the big sized (large) and long-lived fishes because they will have more pollutants like mercury and lead in their body. So prefer small sea fishes for your food which have a small life span.

Another important thing is that ‘more is not good’. The fish is very good food. But if we eat it in more amount, it will harm our body. So develop a habit of including fish recipes2 times per week.




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