Importance of Physical Activity


A very critical part of weight loss, for children, is physical activity. It not only helps to burn calories but also strengthens bones, muscles and helping children to have a sound sleep at night. A minimum of 30 minutes of physical activities are required in 12 hours time for a normal child. This directly helps in the overall growth & development of body, as well as the proper secretion & functioning of all the glands producing enzymes.  Remember an active child is more likely to become fit adults & fit parents too. A child without physical activity will grow as a lazy adult, hampering personal growth as well as the countries growth.

Limit the time for T.V, and Computer:

Always limit the time for computer, TV, video games to no more than 2 hours a day.  This matter is very important, since this not only helps in case of child obesity, but also in the overall development of the child. Doing this will reduce eyes & mental strain, and will increase the creativity, activeness of child. Now we generally tend to let the child sit in front of TV or video games, so that we can do our own work or keep them busy, indirectly harming them. Here parents has to be a role model by limiting the time for computer, TV, video games etc, so that the child also learns what is best for them with respect to child obesity.

Promote and Emphasise on Activity:

Always promote & emphasize activity, not exercise only. This is the best way to make the child participate in various physical activities by mingling & participating with kids. Free-play activities, such as hide-and-seek, tag or jump-rope, can be great for burning calories. It will also improve fitness & concentration level too. Watch your kids nature, its interest, in various sports, cultural activities, so that she can be promoted & then participated with parents help. Always encourage the child to participate in all the activities in school particularly, since here all the necessary training for the child is parted.

Finding Out Child’s likes and dislikes:

Remember to find activities your child likes to do & not of your choice. Each and every person is different; hence the taste for each activity differs. Always sense the taste of your child for the physical activities. It is not a tough job as it seems, but parents need to take time in this matter. If your child likes to climb, head for the nearest neighborhood or climbing wall or likes to read, then walk or bike to the neighborhood library for a book. Inspire them to do all the things which they like. Promote them and if possible participate in their activities like playing or watching or being in their function to back up them. Time has to be spared for these matters, to build healthy habits for a child, which is the foundation of any adult and nation.

Parents must be a Role Model:

Be a role model by being active yourself, so that the child too learns. Kids learn from experiences, by living and watching. They choose their role model and then imitate in all the parts of life. Hence this is the biggest phase of any child for his future life. Hence be a role model, so that kids are proud of parents. If parents love music, kids will imitate. If parents like swimming, kids too like to swim. If parents play basketball or soccer, kids to jump with them. Hence parents should be a role model to activate, motivate & promote the  child, so that they learn. Always vary the physical activities like batting practice, bowling and swimming all count for the benefits in regards to child obesity.

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