Learn about SEO Process


Learn about SEO Process

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The higher your company’s website ranks on Search Engine Result Page, the more number of users will visit your site. This in turn makes your site more popular. Any company that has an online presence would benefit in the long run, only if it is able to be placed in the top position of the search engines. Creating a website that is search engine friendly, has become very important for the web development industry as more and more clients would prefer a site that is easily captured by any search engine. So in every aspect, search engine optimization has achieved much prominence.

Search Engine Optimization process involves attaining a higher ranking in search engines by incorporating certain necessary changes to your site’s content and code to make it more relevant and therefore more search engine compatible. Search Engine Marketing, otherwise known as SEM is another way of bringing in more business to your site as well as reaping more benefits. Search Engine Marketing helps position your product in such a way that it provides a clear cut definition when it comes to marketing it. It helps your product stand out among other products that are available in the market. Therefore your company profit rises and your business improves.

SEO involves altering or creating search engine friendly URL’s which can be easily detected by the search engines. The keywords that you choose must be related to the business your company does, and the number of keywords should not exceed beyond 20-30. With the improvement of technology, online business has become highly competitive and to stand out among the competition, search engine optimization has become an utter necessity. Companies who go in for search engine optimization of their sites greatly benefit from doing so, as their revenues seem to increase multiple times when compared to their competitors.

SEO too has its own ethical and non-ethical ways of practice. There are two types of SEO. One is called the black hat SEO, which involves tricking the search engines while the other one is legally done using ethics and it is termed white hat SEO. Only trust on white hat SEO techniques and give your website to an experienced professional only when you plan to boost your keyword rankings.

There are a lot of automated SEO submission tools available in the market. Always better is you do not go with these tools because most of these tools spam search engines index and when we use these tools they add us also in their spam list. Manual submissions are always good even though this is slow and may take some time for rankings.

SEO is a slow and steady process. You will not get results within one or 2 months. But once the rankings are started, you will get steady traffic to your site and this will lead you to good business. If you are looking for faster results always recommended is a PPC campaign. But this is the cost effective way of getting traffic. And you need to spend money whenever you want traffic. But SEO is a one time task and after 4-6 months of work, you just need to maintain these rankings and you will be getting continuous traffic for years.


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