Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time


Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time:

Time Management is glorified as one of the greatest tools of efficiency and achievement. However, time is a fixed and limited resource whereas energy is far more flexible.  For that reason, I would recommend managing your energy as the key to productivity.

This is because research indicates that most of us function at different levels of effectiveness at different times of the day as our energy level fluctuates. We all have peaks and troughs in our physical and mental capacity to get work done during the day.

This is because we have a well defined internal biological clock, often referred to as the circadian rhythm, that regulates our energy level throughout the day. the key to productivity is, therefore, making the clockwork to our advantage and working with these natural rhythms instead of fighting them.

Going by the circadian rhythm, the effectiveness of the type of work  we are doing is directly linked to the time of day that we choose to do it in:



Your mental alertness is at its peak, making it the best time for cognitive tasks such as reading complicated documents, writing reports. Looking fo a budget check this out quick loans no check problem-soliving and planning activities.

12:00pm–2:00 pm.

Verbal reasoning increases and mental alertness is sustained, making this time slot ideal for meeting and phone calls.


The afternoon lull sets in; therefore, utilize this time to engage in long-term memory tasks such as memorizing speeches and poring over information that can be applied later.


By this time your brain is not functioning optimally, so focus on creative work; this time slot is conducive to remembering connections between ideas or concepts.

Remember you can actually increase your energy from one day to the next. Experiment with different ways of energizing yourself; for some, exercising works, while others may need to change their diet, drink more water or sleep more. Find what works for you and take advantage of your circadian rhythms to enhance your productivity.

By: Fauzia Kerai Khan

The writer is Chief Consultant, i&b Consulting, Training e-learning.

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