Improving Self Confidence & Self Esteem


self-2Just about every person has something he wishes he could improve. Some wish to be taller, shorter, funnier, or richer to name a few. However there is a fine line between wanting to change something and low self esteem. People who suffer from low self esteem have a negative view of themselves, others, lack self confidence and perform poorly. It is difficult to measure the amount of people suffering from low self esteem as it usually is related to other emotional difficulties.

Lacking self confidence or low self esteem is not something a person just learns from one random act, it is something that is learned through repetitive criticism. It can come from just about anyone, parents with unrealistic demands of their children, constant comparison to other siblings or children or simply from parents who do not understand he child’s needs can leave them feeling misunderstood and detached. Children can also learn poor self esteem from classmates or teachers through the same techniques. Others feel negatively about themselves because of societies demands. Many young girls have expressed pressure to be thin simply from a magazine article, they begin to self criticize every time they read an article or see a photograph.

According to, we are losing one third of our youth to drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, jail, teen pregnancy, crimes and violence, drop outs, and suicide. The driving force to all of these issues is low self esteem. Some people have a hard time accepting negative self image is the cause for all of these problems. However reported that 80-90% of pregnant teens do not give up their children because they feel a baby will give them the unconditional love they never had.
There are a range of programs which offer help with low self esteem, Some suffers attend counseling sessions, take medication, or read self help books. There are also new techniques being used to help build confidence, one of those is hypnosis. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to uncover what memories are causing the low self esteem. Once the memory has been identified, the hypnotist and patient work though the memory and the patient’s reaction to it. Together they help rebuild self confidence and work through all feelings, good or bad until the patient is satisfied with their progress. Since it works with the subconscious mind, it is easier to open up and express feelings you might not know you were having.

Some people still feel that traditional treatments such as medications and therapy are more effective than hypnosis. However, taking medications can only do so much. They work only with your body’s own unique chemical make up. They do not deal with the actual emotional problems low self esteem is causing. Therapy can go on for months before the real trigger and emotional reaction is uncovered and it also deals with the mind on a conscious level. When dealing with the mind on a conscious level, patients often become very censored for fear they are being judged by the counselor. While under hypnosis they sub conscious mind takes over allowing for completely candid thoughts.

You have taken the first step in your treatment, whatever it may be. You have acknowledged that you have issues with low self esteem and want to do something about it. You no longer want to go on feeling the way you do. The choice is yours, will you choose a treatment that could take months and months, will you choose a short term chemical fix or will you choose to open you mind and discovery why you feel the way you do, the choice is simple.


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