How To Use Kitchen Utensils Properly


By Muniba Mahmood

How To Use Kitchen Utensils Properly


Some kitchen utensils and their usage are discuss below

Tips On Using And Preserving Electric Cooker Correctly And Durably

Rice cooker is not only convenient electrical equipment which has been seen as a companion of housewives. Without it appearance, we will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. So let’s learn tips for using this electric cooker correctly.


  • Do not plug too many electrical devices the same socket: If you plug the cooker in this socket, you should plug in electric kettle in different outlet. This can lead to overloading power consumption, causing fires or electrical equipment in the house.
  • Plug rice cooker correctly: It is one of the useful tip that you need to know. Plug the power cord into the rice cooker for sure and then plug in the power supply into an AC power outlet.
  • Place the rice cooker in the right places; The most suitable place for putting rice cooker is the dry place and not next to the other electrical equipment. After using, you should unplug the cooker from the power source and store it neatly to avoid being exposed to water.
  • Proper hygiene: If you want to clean the pot and the lid, you need to take use of a damp cloth; however, you should remember to dry it immediately so that the water cannot damage the machine. Remember to clean your cooker every day to keep it shiny appearance and increase the duration.
  • Take use of the genuine power cord. If the power cord of the cooker has melting phenomenon or is damaged by rats you should replace it by a new one with the same characteristics and from the same brand to ensure the safety. Do not use the cooker when it is broken or have some technical problems because it can cause unexpected accidents.
  • Do not allow children to use the rice cooker: Some parents have tendency to teach their child to lead an independent life by learning cooking from young ages. However, you do not know that, this thought can pose a threat to the health of your kids because of the high risks of accidents. At the small ages, they cannot make use of the electrical equipment by themselves without any supervision of adults. They cannot know how to response and act in accident situation therefore, it is better for parents to keep the electrical machines out of the children’s reach to ensure the safety for them
  • Avoiding collisions: If the capacity of the cooker is only 1.5 kg rice, you shouldn’t break the limitation because it cannot ensure the quality of the rice. Besides, it may have bad influence on your device and reduce the duration of the cooker.
  • Dedicated spoon: You should take advantage of a specialized spoon when using the cooker to ensure the coating on the bottom of the pot and avoid scratching the cooker. Do not use a metal spoon, aluminum or sharp object to scratch the bottom pot or boiler.

Tips On Using The Microwaves Safely


  • Ensure that all food utensils you put into the microwave are safe with microwaves though it is made of glass, ceramic, or plastic.
  • Do not use metal containers, because microwaves may cause sparks and fire.
  • Do not boil water or other liquids over the time which specified by the manufacturer or follow recipes. The overheating can occur when water in the cup is boiled too long.



  • Do not boil the water twice – as it easily increases the risk of overheating. Water with sugar or coffee will reduce this risk.
  • Never operate the microwave when the door is broken or do not close tightly.
  • Do not operate the oven when it is empty. It also can detect fire and cause a fire.
  • It is suggested to stand far away from microwave about 1 meter to ensure safety when the furnace is running.
  • Remember to use safety lids with microwaves to cover food during cooking if the recipe requires.

 Tips On Using Dishwasher



Some guidelines when using Dishwasher:

  • Putting all the leftovers on the dishes before putting them in the machine
  • Place dishes into the dishwasher to clean.
  • You should pour the salt specializing in soften in advance to sterilize dishes effectively. If the machine is using too much salt, it means that container lid is not tight.
  • Pour proper dishwashing powder into the machine and then put water at last. If bubbles appear in the dishwasher, it means that you use the wrong detergent, or hand cleanser. You must use the detergent dedicated to the dishwasher.

Use Dishwasher With Water Softener Salt To Achieve The Best Results

  • You also need to ensure that water hardness is set at appropriate levels in the program. Please refer to the user manual to understand how to set up).
  • If you do not use salt as the recommended amount of lime in the water, it will gradually precipitate and damage the parts.

You Should Sanitize The Details Inside The Dishwasher Once A Year To Eliminate The Harmful Lime Scale


  • Clean the details: clean the filter dirt and water spray arm once a month to remove odors from sticking long stains, protect health and ensure optimum efficiency.
  • When the dishwasher finishes the washing cycle, it’s best to wait about 15 minutes until the temperature decrease and the dishes dry
  • If you do not have intention of storing the dishes immediately, you should open the lid for 20 minutes to dry the dishes.  Do not leave the door closed throughout after washing because steam cannot escape.
  • Some kind of detergent is designed for use in place of soap and water rinse aid, but to achieve the best results you should use water softener salt.
  • You should also remove the leftover food before feeding into the dishwasher; the food wastes can cause clogged filters and the blowhole.
  • Make sure that the spray arms can turn normally and without any obstacles.
  • Filter is the focus of stubborn dirt, odors and makes bacteria. Therefore, you should clean filter and the details inside the chassis regularly to ensure hygiene and health protection.

The information above is the principles for using the kitchen utensils in a proper ways and how to keep your beloved kitchen always in shiny and beautiful appearance. Kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house, where you can hold a party or cook some delicious meals for your whole family. Therefore, it is a good idea to equip your kitchen with the useful and modern utensils to make your cooking become easier.


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