Depression in those who do not eat meat revealed

Vegetarians are more than twice as likely to develop depression, says a new study

A study recently published in the medical journal Science Direct and the Journal of Disorders Affective has found that those who consume a vegetarian diet are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who consume a diet with meat.

This comprehensive study was conducted in Brazil with over 14,000 adults. Researchers asked them questions about their food habits, and also looked at their body mass index (BMI), other health indicators, and their economic and social status. More research is needed to confirm these findings.

The experts also took into account the lifestyle of the volunteers and concluded that depression is generally suffered by people who do not eat meat, even though they have the financial capability to do so, that is, in a way, those who do not eat meat due to lack of affordability, find it difficult to check their depression because they also suffer from socio-economic problems.

It is believed that the absence of certain components in meat, such as protein, iron, vitamin B and zinc, can cause a decrease in brain function and an increase in the likelihood of depression.

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