Earth’s sixth and new largest ocean revealed

As we have studied there are five oceans in the world as Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern, and the largest Pacific.

US scientists have revealed the existence of earth’s sixth and largest ocean. However, according to their research, no one has seen this sea yet. The study has been published in the journal Nature Geoscience. In this research, scientists have said that there is also a hidden ocean under our earth, which can be present at a depth of 410 kilometers to 660 kilometers from the earth’s surface. Researchers believe that it may contain three times more water than the water in the earth’s oceans.

The unpolished diamond from Botswana that helped scientists make the discovery. | Image Credit: Science News

The study by the German-Italian-American research team has been published in the journal Nature, which states that the internal structure and dynamics of Earth have been shaped by the 660km boundary between the mantle transition zone and the lower mantle.

A diagram of the various layers that make up the centre of Earth. The new ocean is supposed to be situated between the upper
and lower mantles. | Image Credit: Wiki Commons

According to scientists, the sixth sea was discovered when a diamond found in the African country Botswana was researched. Its chemical composition indicates that this diamond formed in an atmosphere of 660 kilometers of water from the earth’s surface. Naturally, diamonds are formed at a depth of 150 to 250 kilometers from the earth’s surface.

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