Gang busted in Karachi, living lavish life in Multan

The Malik gang involved in robbery and street crime in Karachi, worth crores of rupees, has been revealed. The suspects were living a lavish lifestyle in Multan and were arrested from Isa Nagri. It has been discovered that they committed crimes only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The gang, known as the Malik Bhai gang, was arrested in Esa Nagri, Karachi. Details have emerged about how they lived a luxurious life with the money obtained from their criminal activities. The accused have purchased properties worth Rs (290 million) 29 crore and generated additional income by renting out shops. They were involved in robberies, street crimes, and other criminal activities, targeting the citizens of Karachi.

During the investigation, officials found that the gang had been operating in Karachi since 2016. They have managed to steal 333 tolas of gold so far. Two members of the gang own expensive bungalows in posh areas of Multan, each worth Rs 14 crore. Additionally, the gang has invested in commercial properties, owning eight shops worth Rs 15 crore, which they rented out for a steady income.

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