Newborn Baby: Do’s and Don’t’s

Newborn Baby Do’s and Don’t’s

 baby after bath #11It’s good that you know a lot about babies but becoming a parent of one is a different thing altogether. For being a successful parent, you need to know all the do’s and don’ts of newborn care. In the absence of proper knowledge you may end up causing harm to your newborn baby. So, take some time out to know how to do and what not to by reading further.

Lifting Your Baby

As soon as the newborn arrives in the family, everyone is excited to lift the baby but there is a proper way of doing so.
* Do: The right way of lifting the baby is by holding from one hand below his head and other on his waist.
* Don’t: Lifting the baby from the head or without any support below the head is the wrong way of holding the baby.

Nursing The Baby

Only mothers can nurse their newborn babies well by breastfeeding. No matter how much the father would like to nurse them, they can’t do it in anyway and bottle-feeding should be avoided in the initial few months.

Testing Baby’s Bottle

When you start to bottle feed your baby, don’t just straight away place the milk bottle in baby’s mouth; first test the temperature yourself.
* Do: The right way of testing the baby’s feeding bottle is to pour a few drops of the content from the bottle on your own hand.
* Don’t: Trying to feed the baby with a bottle that has not been tested for the right temperature is not advised.

Feeding The Baby

There is also a right a way of feeding a newborn baby. All precautions should be taken in to account while feeding a baby.
* Do: The right way of feeding a baby is to use a sterilized bottle with a sterilized nipple.
* Don’t: Unsterilized nipples and baby feeding bottles should never be used to feed a baby.

Checking Baby’s Diaper

Just don’t be careless once you wrap a diaper, as you need to keep checking it time and again to figure out whether the diaper needs replacing or not.
* Do: The right way of checking the baby’s diaper is by checking by stretching it from one finger from the top.
* Don’t: Inserting the whole hand inside the diaper is the wrong way of checking the baby’s diaper.

Bundling The Baby

For first few weeks, newborns need proper warmth so it is essential to bundle them properly.
* Do: The right way of bundling the baby is to wrap him in a soft towel or blanket leaving the head unwrapped.
* Don’t: The wrong way of bundling the baby is to wrap him from all sides including the head.

Playing With Baby

In your joy and excitement don’t forget to take precautions while playing with a baby. Remember babies are gentle and soft.
* Do: The right way of playing with your baby is to hold him in your hands and give him a little and gentle movements.
* Don’t: Many people use vigorous and sudden movements while playing with babies; doing so is not recommended.


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