MOLEY ROBOTIC KITCHEN-A Creative Invention in the World of Science


An extra ordinary invention that cooks the dinner in just 30 minutes
                  An extraordinary invention that cooks the dinner in just 30 minutes

By: Muniba Mahmood

The advancement in technology brings the new revolutionary item in the world. It is for the people who work in the kitchen and serves the people, friends, and family with the delicious and yummy food. Yes, it is the Moley Robotic kitchen. It is the world’s first automated and intelligent cooking robot. It features robotic arms, oven, hob, and touch screen unit. BBC’s Master Chef Tim Anderson was recorded with motion capture technology. So the robots fully articulated hand’s can mimic his movement and practically cook anything a person wants it to. It can operate in the kitchen with its touch screen or remotely via smartphone. When in use a protective glass encloses the unit to ensure safety. When not in use the robot’s arm retract out of sight. Simply pull a recipe from an Itunes style library and let the Moley robotic kitchen do the rest of the work.

No doubt Moley Robotic Kitchen is the greatest invention of the human mind. This would be a great way to introduce new and healthy recipes for those of us who just aren’t really into cooking. This would be excellent for elderly and disabled that can’t stand for very long. It would also be good for those with neurological problems and have difficulty with fine motor movement. Handicapped people and people with arthritis would greatly benefit from this. It is also helpful for working mothers because sometimes it’s hard to get dinner fixed when they have kids and they are constantly getting distracted or mothers are running late from work. People should grow up and accepts the technology as it is unbelievable greatest.

Although in some circumstances it is scary too.  The world has “better” and “better” technologies and robots, yet human profound values and deep relations are collapsing. Families are losing their roots. One of the richest things is to prepare a meal with your own hands and share it with your loved ones.

One of the most alarming thing is that technologies like Moley Robotic Kitchen resulted in a loss of thousands of jobs that will increase the rate of unemployment which is very dangerous. Pretty soon they’ll be at McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King dishwashers who know most fast food restaurants car washes a lot of people going to be out of work. Think about it no sick days no medical no raises and pay don’t need time off. The concern would be the loss of jobs in restaurants and the like. There is also the fact that now the human skill set may be eroded further- people are already forgetting how to navigate without a GPS, now a lot of people won’t know how to drive (due to automated cars) or cook basic meals (because of this). People might end up like the human race in Wall-E, unable to do anything for themselves. That one is a fair way off, though. The more immediate concern is what happens to all the people losing their jobs to machines.

Not only have they removed nutrients and sunlight from our food while systematically poisoning it. They also want to remove the love energy of the person preparing it in the home. As it is already the case with all industrially produced food.

This is the wave of the future but this will only make people lazier than what they are now. People need to fear what is coming. It is not a good thing for all. Everything is not made for everyone. Life is meant to be lived, not sitting on your couches, watching some computer do things for you.

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