Humans can now live to 20000 years lifespan

Medical scientists are looking for such parts, software and signals in the human body at a very small level to live 20000 years lifespan

There are chances that one day people will have up to 20000 years lifespan on this earth. You must have heard and seen that when the time of many people is nearing death, they say with great envy: “Oh, death has come so soon! We haven’t done so-and-so yet. Life passed in a moment. ‘‘

Now medical science has entered the field to ease the difficulties of such people. Some medical scientists claim that it is possible to increase the life of humans to “20000 years lifespan” through research and experiments. By getting such a long life, man will be able to fulfill all his desires and desires, which usually do not reach during a period of seventy and eighty years.

And hopefully, man will remain healthy for most of the time in this 20000 years lifespan. Of course, even if after one thousand years one’s powers get weak, then what to do by living for 20,000 years lifespan? Then this life will become a torment, not a spring.

Desired changes in physical machinery

Interestingly, it is famous among us, humans lived several hundred years in ancient times. For example, it is recorded in the Bible that Adam (A.S.) lived for 930 years. In modern times, this seems to be mythical… But now medical science itself is beginning to claim that humans can live for several thousand years, not several hundred, if the necessary changes are made to their physical machinery.

During the last century, due to modern medicine and treatment, the age of man has increased. Otherwise, earlier people would have died at the age of 50 to 60 due to diseases, inadequate diet and poor lifestyle. Very few people would have attained the age of 90 years and their old age would have endured suffering and health issues. Now if a person takes care of health and well-being and adopts a good lifestyle, then he can easily walk for 90 years.

In modern times, medical scientists have created two basic theories regarding human age. First, humans are naturally “programmed” to live for a maximum of 115 or 20 years. This natural program can be changed a little bit, not much!

The second theory says that the machinery of the human body is like software. It is possible to significantly increase human life if suitable changes are made to it.

Expert in GeroScience

Medical scientists supporting the second theory are looking for such parts, software and signals in the human body at a very small level, with the help of which the human lifespan can increase. These experts include the Portuguese-born British medical scientist, João Pedro de Magalhães.

João Pedro is an expert on a new and emerging scientific knowledge “Geroscience”. In this knowledge, research is done especially on the wonders of old age. Experts in this knowledge want to know how, when, why and how aging occurs on living organisms. They want to get to the bottom of the wonder that ultimately leads every living thing in the world to death and makes it extinct.

Long-lived organisms

João Pedro is a professor at the Institute of Inflammation and Aging at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is studying such genes that live longer, such as the Bowhead Whale (250 years old) and the naked mole-rat, which lives much longer than its size, i.e. thirty-seven years.

After researching these organisms, Pedro has come to the conclusion that if humans end old age at the cell level, they can live up to 20000 years lifespan. This is an amazing and interesting revelation.

The question is, how will this increase in age increase? João Pedro says that aging occurs if certain cell systems in our body are damaged. If these cell systems are rectified, old age will move away.

Experts have not yet been able to discover mechanisms or devices that can fix damaged cell systems. However, Pedro hopes that medical scientists will invent this mechanism in the future and humans can live to 20000 years lifespan.

Set of medicines

João Pedro says that his grandfather died of pneumonia a century ago. Pneumonia was a dangerous disease then. But when he suffered from pneumonia as a child forty-five years ago, a small dose of penicillin healed him.

By giving this example, he says that one day medical experts will discover such medicines or methods through which aging can be defeated.

This British medical expert says that humans may not be able to make a drug like penicillin that prevents aging, rather the drug set will perform this difficult task. Such as, scientists have invented a drug “Sirolimus” through a germ, SH (Streptomyces hygroscopicus), which reduces the rate of aging in animals by 10 to 15 percent. Now this medicine has been approved for humans as well. This drug slows down the cell system. However, the aging of animals is also slow.

“If this drug reduces human aging by 15 percent, it will be a dramatic success,” says Jao Pedro. I think in the next three to four hundred years, medical experts will develop a set of medicines that we have to eat every day. These medicines will protect us from aging and the life of human beings will last for several hundred years.

DNA repair and special genes

João Pedro and other medical scientists have found that organisms that live longer, such as bowhead whales, naked mole rats, and elephants, have a special ability to repair their DNA by themselves.

Remember, all the genetic information of a cell is stored in DNA. If this information is distorted, the cell also becomes ill and dies.

The second fact is that these animals have special genes that protect them from infectious diseases. For example, the gene called “p35” is found in abundance in elephants. This gene does not allow elephants to get cancer and they survive this dangerous disease. Similar genes have been found in both bowhead whales and naked mole rats.

It should be remembered that the naked mole rats are smaller than the normal rats. Yet, the normal rat survives only for three to four years. While the naked mole rat has acquired such powers in the evolution of millions of years that it can live much longer than them.

One of the key secrets of this longevity is that the cells of the naked mole rat repair their damaged DNA by themselves. According to Pedro, if a person gets the same ability, then he can increase his age and do more useful and positive activities than before.

Dysfunctional organs and the cellular system

Medical experts have discovered organs and cell systems in humans that contribute to the development of a growing child. But when the child becomes an adult, they stop working. Experts are somehow looking for ways to reactivate these organs and cellular systems. They believe that their re-energizing will prevent old age.

Take, for example, thymus gland. It exists in our chest. In childhood and adolescence, this gland releases “T cells” that strengthen our immune system. But as soon as adulthood comes, this gland becomes almost dead and forms very few T cells. Rather, it often harms human health by turning it into fat.

Experts are trying to somehow find a mechanism to reactivate this gland. Then it will start making T cells again and the presence of these cells will help a lot in preventing old age.

Our immune system

The human immune system works with the help of many types of cells and different physical systems. Over time, its cells and subsystems weaken in the human body. But if these cells and systems get a mechanism to renew, the immune system will automatically become as powerful as before. And as soon as it gains strength, man will become young again.

That is why it is sometimes seen that the old man started getting young again. The hair turned black. The skin wrinkles moved away. The face is also glowed. The main reason for this change is that for some reason the human immune system starts to strengthen again and it brings positive changes to the human body.

Therefore, medical scientists have found a “road map” or method to stop aging by living 20000 years lifespan. Now they have to find milestones that remove human old age and not only make man young again but also increase his age significantly. An interesting but difficult journey is facing mankind.

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