LUMS organizes its 2020, 2021 convocations simultaneously

Lahore University of Management Sciences, LUMS’ first in-person Convocation ceremonies since 2019 were held on two days. Pro Chancellor LUMS, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, officiated the convocation for the Class of 2020 on Saturday, January 15, 2022, and the ceremony for the Class of 2021 on Sunday, January 16, 2022, at the LUMS campus in Lahore. Founding Pro Chancellor, Syed Babar Ali and member, LUMS Board of Trustees, Dr. Pervez Hassan were also present on both commencement ceremonies.

Students felt overwhelmed and involved in rejoicing the celebration together as a community, noticing and marking its various aspects that they missed since the start of the pandemic two years ago. A warm address by the Registrar, Ms. Zara Fateh Qizilbash, welcomed students and their families on both days followed by exclusive talks by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, and the keynote speakers.

During his address, the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, recalled notable moments from LUMS’ journey through 2020-21, calling them as the years of strength and resilience. While we are still emerging from the grip of this pandemic, the Vice Chancellor paid exemplary homage to all members of the LUMS community including the students, staff, faculty members, and parents who stayed connected through these challenging times and maintained uninterrupted learning through technology and innovation. He inspired the students to embrace the idea of quality and apply it in every aspect of their life. To propel growth, he advised the students to adopt the values of merit, integrity, and empathy. He also urged the students to serve the society through research and purpose and recognise the power of change that has been vested within them through their academic endeavours at LUMS.

Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra, educationist, public intellectual, culture expert, gender specialist and human rights activist, addressed the Class of 2020 as a keynote speaker. She advised the students to look for possibilities in every aspect of life and while doing so embody the values of tolerance and compassion. According to Dr. Zehra, education is a force that triggers ingenuity and inspires new thinking. She also mentioned that empathy should drive the quest towards unveiling new prospects, since the true potential of one’s natural abilities can only be unlocked through good education and ethical values.

Mr. Shahid Abdulla, an acclaimed architect and Director, Arshad Shahid Abdulla (Pvt.) Ltd., addressed the Class of 2021 as a keynote speaker on the second day. He inspired the students to acquire practical skills and work towards realising their dreams through creativity and passion. He urged them to step out of their comfort zone and achieve their vision through bold and innovative thinking. He concluded his address on the importance of serving society and doing good to expect the same in return.

The above addresses during both convocations were followed by the award of degrees to all graduating students, robing of PhD graduates, and the presentation of the National Management Foundation awards and corporate medals to high performing students.

Recorded broadcasts of both ceremonies can be viewed at these links, Convocation: Class of 2020 and Convocation: Class of 2021. Recently, a two-day follow-up training workshop for the officer and engineering professionals of DISCOs (Distribution companies) was arranged on January 7, 2022 under the banner of Power Sector Centre of Excellence (PSCE) established at LUMS in Lahore.

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