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Passport Issue: Pakistani security personnel fail to disperse protestors at Chaman

In a dramatic turn of events, the operation led by Frontier Corps (FC) and local administration aimed at dispersing the four-month-long sit-in at the Chaman passport office, situated near the Pak-Afghan border, proved unsuccessful late last night over passport issue.

The sit-in, sparked by Pakistan’s imposition of passport requirements for travel to and from Afghanistan, has been a focal point of protests for months.

Despite police resorting to shelling and aerial firing, the determined protesters stood their ground against the passport issue. Several demonstrators, including a spokesperson for the sit-in committee, were reportedly arrested during the confrontation.

In a bold response, protesters decided to march towards Chaman city, intending to amplify their protest across various locations. Facing the escalating tension, police eventually retreated, allowing the demonstrators to return to their sit-in site unimpeded.

The Frontier Corps (FC) and local administration acted to remove the barricades and detained key figures, including Sadiq Achakzai, a prominent protest leader. This led to calls for a shutter-down strike and the blockade of the Chaman-Quetta international highway, significantly disrupting traffic.

Further confrontations occurred in front of the District Police Officer’s (DPO) office, where protesters threw stones at the FC fort. Despite FC personnel using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, a large number remained, signaling their intent to continue the protest.

Ghousullah Achakzai, General Secretary of the Laghari Union, announced that the demonstration would continue until the release of Sadiq Achakzai and other detained protesters. The growing unrest at the Chaman border, triggered by the government’s strict visa policy, has resulted in widespread job losses in Chaman, fueling ongoing protests.

Meanwhile, the talks between religious and tribal elders and the sit-in committee against the passport requirement policy are ongoing.

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