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There is a common tabloid headline for arthritis that Miracle Cure for Arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that is not yet understood properly, and so anything goes when it comes to treatments and theories. The person suffering from arthritis only knows how desperate he gets to get relief. You feel as if you have nothing to lose if you try alleged cure. Above all, the physician may not be able to provide much relief and whatever medicines are available like steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and non- steroids have limited advantages and they may also cause unexpected side effects.


If you suffer from arthritis pain and looking forward for arthritis cure, you have arrived at the right destination. Though, knee replacement is the last alternative for individuals in the form of arthritis cure, when all other treatment alternatives have failed. Nevertheless, you can control it to a great extent by adapting some moderations in your lifestyle. Healthy diet, proper exercise, regular checkups and consulting with a orthopedic surgeon, quit smoking and other bad habits can offer you arthritis pain relief to a great extent.

Moreover, you also can take supplements or medicines that are highly effective in decreasing the arthritis symptoms. Arthritis is nothing but severe pain in the muscles and joints. One can reduce this pain by following the below given simple and effective cures.



  • Soak the arthritic joints in hot natural apple cider vinegar. Take 1 and half cup of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Mix it well. For bigger areas, soak a small towel in this mixture and place it on the affected areas. Wrap a soft cloth on the soaked towel to maintain the heat. Once you feel that the pain has alleviated and experience more free movements from apple cider vinegar, keep the joints moving to make it flexible.
  • Do not put on excess weight. It is advisable to lose weight so that there will no more stress on the joints.
  • Some foods such as eggplant, white potatoes, pepper, citrus fruits, spicy foods and tomatoes can trigger the pain. So it is better to avoid them.
  • Take 500 mg Glucosamine with chondroitin thrice a day. This will help to keep your joints healthy and more flexible.
  • Garlic has a property to boost the immune system of the body and it aids to decrease the pain caused due to arthritis. You can take garlic in the cooked or raw form as per your taste.
  • Take adequate beta carotene from orange and yellow fruits and vegetables as well as green leafy vegetables.
  • Increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. It is basically found in foods like sardines, salmons, walnuts, olive oil, soy, nuts, flax, and avocados.
  • It is advisable to take B-complex supplements every day. It is found in dried beans, whole grains, lentils and split peas.
  • Take 75 mg niacin in the whole day. Food sources that are rich in niacin include milk, egg, meat, peanuts, poultry, fish, cereals, enriched breads, split peas, tea, coffee and barley.
  • Consume foods that have a higher content of Vitamin C that includes broccoli, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts and cantaloupe.
  • You can make a rub for arthritis by taking one-ounce spirits of peppermint, one pint rubbing alcohol, one ounce of olive oil, one-ounce witch hazel, one-ounce wintergreen, one-ounce pine oil and fifty menthol crystals. Mix them all well and keep it in a glass jar covered tightly. Then, make some mixture every day and rub it on the affected parts regularly twice a day. An effective result will be seen within a month.

The chronic pain in arthritis may get so distressing that an individual may try to do anything with a view to get relief from the condition. The willingness to try anything makes a person to explore other gimmicks, quack cures and unproven remedies. Out of desperation, sometimes people overlook caution and spend lot of money and time on arthritis cures that are wholly valueless. Before trying out any new arthritis treatment or cure, it is important to investigate it properly and take suggestions from your physician.



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