Gestational diabetes-Alarming Symptoms

gestGestational diabetes symptoms are known to vary from one person to another. The most crucial idea that one can have in mind is first to understand the definition of this complication. Therefore, it is important to note that gestational diabetes is a disorder where a woman usually has a lot of sugar in the blood while she is pregnant. This is triggered by blood sugar rising above the normal in such a manner that the body is not able to produce enough insulin. This hormone known as insulin ensures that all muscles, tissues and cells utilize the blood sugar efficiently so as to get energy.

The energy derived here eventually assists in making all the organ system to carry out their functions without failing. Another great importance of insulin is that it helps in the storage of excess blood sugar that is not necessary for any utilization. Remember that when a woman is expecting, the body is usually in dire need of to manufacture much more insulin. This is so because the hormones from the placenta do not excessively make use of it. This means that if a woman’s body is not in the best position to utilize this excess blood sugar, then there are high chances of developing gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes symptoms may fail to be noticeable but one can:

  1. Feel tired.
  2. Wee more than normal.
  3. become extremely thirsty
  4. Get a dry mouth.
  5. Get recurring infections.
  6. Weight loss.
  7. Blurred vision.

Discussing the symptoms above, it is important to understand that one usually feels tired if the body is not able to produce enough insulin. Therefore, the sugar in the blood does not get into the cells of the pregnant women.  This means that the targeted cells fail to receive enough sugar that is supposed to make them get enough energy. As a result of this, the person feels tired. It is possible to control this kind of tiredness by managing it effectively. This can be done by ensuring that the medication one is taking is strong enough. Again, one can avoid too much food that contains carbohydrates.

In additional to that, increased glucose levels makes the body to pull fluids from the cells and drains them to the bloodstream through capillaries. This, in turn, makes the kidneys have more water forcing them to excrete urine much more than normal. The kidneys eliminate this excess fluid living an individual very thirsty. Therefore it is important that one takes a lot of water so that she can curb any other complications which can rise from this diabetes.

Weight loss is another key issue to discuss when it comes to gestational diabetes symptoms. It is true that the tissues and muscles in the body of a human being derive energy from the food we consume. With the help of digestive juices in alimentary canal and absorption of food substances by the villi, glucose gets into the bloodstream. These carbohydrates are then taken to the liver for conversion purposes into glucose which is well known to give nourishment to the body cells. This means that inability of the body to utilize this glucose from foods, forces it to break down other sources of energy available. The other sources include; proteins and fats and as a result one experiences weight loss.

Moreover, blurred vision is known to be one of the many symptoms associated with gestational diabetes. This happens when one has abnormal high glucose levels in the blood and eventually leads to eye complications. The problems that are associated with eyes as a result of this kind of diabetes include; swelling of the lenses which is commonly known to cause blurred vision. If these symptoms are left unattended then there is a high possibility of a person to suffer from eye problems like glaucoma, retinopathy and cataracts. It is important to note that diabetes is among the leading causes of blindness in adults.

It would be rational to understand that the high glucose levels ion the circulatory system and in the tissues can make the body to be unable to fight diseases and heal from various infections. It can therefore make the body to be prone to diseases which are caused by bacteria or viruses. These kinds of infections are often experienced in the skin, kidneys, feet, and bladder.

Remember that there are those groups of individuals who do not show any symptoms of any gestational diabetes. This means that they are left diagnosed and untreated and eventually can cause dangerously high blood sugar levels which are known as ketoacidosis. It can cause severe symptoms at the long run and even death.

The gestational diabetes symptoms in these advanced stages include:

  1. A person can experience nausea and vomiting.
  2. One can also have very deep breaths that are also rapid.
  3. Experience stomach pains occasionally.
  4. It is possible to have flushed complexion.
  5. Have bad breath.
  6. It can result to coma.

One can wonder when to see a doctor. Actually, this should be when one thinks about getting pregnant. Here, a doctor can evaluate a woman on any relevant risks of gestational diabetes and state the wellness plan throughout this period. To some women, gestational diabetes symptoms are not to be ignored but instead, the doctor will always address this type of disease so that it can be part and parcel of the required prenatal care.

In conclusion, if a person is experiencing gestational diabetes symptoms it is important that she visit a doctor so that he or she makes it possible for proper delivery of a baby. The doctor will ensure that you have a glucose screening –test and will that one gets to understand it. An individual is able to know the causes and why it starts at pregnancy.

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