Google announces latest security features for Android users

CaliforniaTechnology company Google has announced the introduction of several new security features with the launch of its second Android 15 Beta.

One of the new security features can also indicate the moment when the phone has been moved from one hand to another.

Some of these updates will be introduced with Android 15 in the coming part of this year. However, the theft detection feature and several other features will also be available in phones with older OS versions of Android.

The theft detection lock indicates unusual movements, pointing out that someone has snatched the phone from the user’s hand or on the table in front.

To prevent the stealer from accessing the information on the user’s device, the screen is automatically locked and the system starts looking for signals that indicate a suspicious movement, and thus the system will also be able to lock the screen for protection if it is removed from the network to avoid access to a remote area.

Apart from this, Google is also introducing another new way to lock the phone screen, under which if the phone falls in the wrong hands, the user can enter his phone number and lock the device by completing a security challenge.

All these features will be introduced by Google later this year and these updates will be available for Android 10 and later versions.

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