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Khan Yunis – Hamas kills over 50 Israeli soldiers at in the single biggest blow in a day

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant termed it a hard and painful morning

More than 50 Israeli military soldiers including officers have been killed in a major attack on the Israeli army in Khan Yunis of Gaza on Monday, according to a report, causing the biggest damage to Israeli Army in a single day so far.

According to Israeli media, the engineering teams of the Israeli army entered seven buildings of Khan Yunis for rigging.

Hamas personnel watched them and fired RPG shells at buildings that exploded, destroying buildings and killing more than 50 Israeli soldiers.

Rescue teams are trying to retrieve the bodies of the slain Israeli soldiers from under the debris. So far, the bodies of about 34 army officers and soldiers have been recovered from the debris.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated in a post on X, “this is a hard and painful morning, our hearts are with our precious families during their hardest hour.”

IDF spokesperson Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari said in a statement admitted that 21 reserves soldiers were killed from a building that collapsed on top of them due to an explosion in southern Gaza, and a tank that was hit by Rocket-Propelled Grenade missiles shot by Hamas terrorists.

According to Hagari, the forces entered on Monday afternoon into two two-story buildings in Gaza, about 600 meters from the Israeli kibbutz Kissufim, and rigged it with mines in order to blow up the terrorist infrastructure in the area. Then, the spokesperson said, terrorists fire RPG missiles towards a tank that was securing the forces, and simultaneously an explosion occurred in the buildings, and they collapsed onto the soldiers.

Hagari said that the military rescue team were evacuating the area until recently, and that the incident is still being examined. According to the spokesperson, the forces were rigging the buildings near the Gaza border to create the conditions that would enable the displaced residents of southern Israel to return to their homes.

The number of dead and injured can be gauged from the fact that 13 helicopters of rescue unit 669 are currently taking part in evacuation operations in Khan Younis. Israeli Channel 14 is running the news that today is very heavy on our army, the scariest day since the start of the war.

Israeli channels are appealing for prayers for the soldiers. An Israeli channel said the deaths were caused by the collapse of four buildings, one of which was built in Khan Younis for the 8208th Battalion.

On the other hand, the Khan Younis Brigade of Hamas says that there is a fierce fight with the enemy and the steadfast mujahideen are achieving great successes by the grace of their Allah.

How this fight begins, what are the key perspectives of this war?

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