Majority of young Japanese avoid marriage; prefer lonely life

The majority of young Japanese are avoiding marriage. According to the Japanese government statistics, every fourth person in the age bracket between 30 and 40 years is interested in freedom instead of marriage despite the state and social organizations offering them the best monetary packages for marriage and childbirth.

Social scientists are of the view that rising economic pressure and social responsibilities are key factors, which can bring negative impacts on society.

As the number of marriages is declining continuously, whoever is getting married, they have an extremely low interest in childbirth. Resultantly, the number of young Japanese are declining, whereas, the number of senior citizens is constantly rising.

The Insider claimed in its report that there are 5 million male and females are living lonely at home. They keep themselves busy in PCs, laptops, silicon dolls, books and magazines. They eat simple food and usually don’t meet other people.

Some Japanese in the age bracket of 30s, spend time in parties. They are satisfied with their lone life. They have a decent job with salaries and allowances.

According a report, the Japanese population was over 120.5 million, while 4.4 million people died, and only 831 thousand child births. The population of Japan has been decreasing consecutively for 11 years.

Around 29 percent population consists of people with 65 years age or over. The ratio of the young generation is 8.11 percent within the age bracket of 14 years.

Like men, the young women in Japan also don’t value of late marriages and birth. They are satisfied with their lives and prefer freedom instead of marriage. However, many get married lately.

In 2015, the total population of Japan was 127 million, which declined and reached to 125.5 million population in 2021. Japan and South Korea are in the list of those countries where every year the birth rate is declining.

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