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A New Beginning: Muslim father, son find hope in Pakistan after Indian atrocities by extremist Hindus

An Indian Muslim father and son, who were victims of atrocities by Hindu extremists in India, have reached Karachi and appealed to the Government of Pakistan to grant them political asylum.

According to details, 70-year-old Mohammad Hasnain and 31-year-old son Ishaq Amir belong to Delhi, where they were tortured several times on a religious ground by Hindu extremists in Jafrabad, an area of Dehli. They have reached Karachi by travelling from UAE and Afghanistan.

Mohammad Hasnain said that as part of his migration plan for Pakistan, they travelled to Dubai on a visa from New Delhi on September 5. There, they took a visa from Abu Dhabi to Afghanistan on September 7, and reached Kabul on September 8. They reached Kandahar by air from Kabul and arrived Spin Boldak border by taxi.

Then, with the help of the local agent, they reached Pakistan through the Chaman border.  They came to Quetta after paying Rs 10,000 to the taxi driver. The taxi driver took another Rs 50,000 to further travel from Quetta to Hub.

They entered Karachi in a rickshaw from Hub. The father-son duo said they contacted the police themselves and then the police took them to the Edhi Center, because they do not have any other place, they are now staying in Edhi Foundation Sohrab Goth.

Hasnain also said that a lot of atrocities are being committed against Muslims in India, and they want to go back to India under no circumstances.

On the question of returning to India under the law, Mohammad Hasnain said, “It is not acceptable to us, kill us, shoot us.” I accept every punishment. Every punishment you give is acceptable. This is the country of my dreams. I don’t want to go back to India. Just need accommodation somewhere with government permission so that I can live a normal life and see my offspring flourishing once in front of my eyes, ” he added.

Concerned agencies have to take action, DSP Saddar (Karachi)

On the other hand, DSP Saddar, Fehmida Abbasi said that the illegal arrival and presence of father-son from India has been reported in Karachi.

He said that both the men were present outside the Karachi Press Club throughout the day. The record of the father and son has been taken and the concerned agencies have been approached, in this regard, the concerned institutions have to take action for which investigation is being done. 

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