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Sarim Burney Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges

In a dramatic turn of events, Sarim Burney, a well-known human rights advocate, has been arrested on charges of human trafficking following a complaint lodged by the US government. Burney, who has spent considerable time in the United States, was detained upon his arrival in Karachi. The arrest marks the culmination of a joint investigation by the US authorities and Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The charges against Burney are grave, involving the trafficking of newborns under the guise of his philanthropic activities. According to FIA officials, Burney’s movements had been under surveillance for a long period. He allegedly orchestrated a scheme under which children, purportedly abandoned outside his trust, were illegally transported to childless couples in the United States.

An FIA official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed that Burney claimed these children were left unclaimed at his trust, the Sarim Burney Trust. However, the investigations uncovered a more sinister reality: some parents, in collusion with Burney, willingly gave up their children with the intent of sending them to America, falsely labeling them as abandoned. This discovery has implicated Burney in a complex human trafficking network.

The US government had identified and reported 25 to 26 cases of such trafficking, though FIA officials have so far confirmed evidence for the illicit transfer of 16 to 17 newborns. During Burney’s stay in the US, he was closely monitored by US government. Upon his departure for Pakistan, the FIA was promptly alerted, leading to his immediate detention upon landing in Karachi.

Burney has been transferred to the FIA’s Human Trafficking Circle Saddar, where a formal case has been registered against him. The draft of the case had been meticulously prepared, transitioning from an inquiry to a full-fledged FIR (First Information Report) upon his arrest.

An FIA official stated, “The investigation is ongoing, and we are committed to uncovering the full extent of this human trafficking network. The arrest of Sarem Burney is just the beginning, and we are determined to bring all involved parties to justice.”

The news of Burney’s arrest has sent shockwaves through the community, given his reputation as a defender of human rights. His organization, the Sarem Burney Trust, has long been known for its advocacy and welfare activities.

As the investigation unfolds, the authorities are expected to uncover more details about the operations and collaborators involved in this trafficking ring. Meanwhile, the children affected by these illicit activities remain the primary concern, with efforts underway to ensure their safety and well-being.

This arrest highlights the ongoing global challenge of human trafficking and the need for vigilant, coordinated efforts to combat such heinous crimes. The case of Sarem Burney serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and deep-rooted issues within human rights advocacy and child protection sectors. A legal team has arrived at the FIA office to meet Burney.

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