Tips For Buying a Fuel Efficient Car

carIt is important to compare all aspects of a vehicle when making a purchase, not just the fuel efficiency as the costs of an electric or hybrid car often outweigh the gas saving benefits. Make sure that car always have the right amount of tire pressure as indicated on the side wall of tire as this makes a big difference in fuel economy.

Now a days car is an important part of lifestyle. Either any one wants to go for somewhere with family or for any professional purpose, a good conditioned car is an essential need.When someone buys a car consider exactly what he needs in a car, such as the amount of people he typically haul.  Assessing those needs will help him determine which car would be best for him to buy while still meeting his needs. Also consider leasing a car if he is trying to lower his monthly payment.

Tips For Buying a Fuel Efficient Car


Before purchasing any car, these things must be under consideration, so that car the must be cost effective as well as fuel effective.

  • Size of car

Decide what size car you need, larger cars weigh more than smaller cars which means that they will burn more fuel.  If you do not need a larger car, do not buy one.

  • Smaller Engines

Smaller engines have less horsepower which requires less gas and therefor usually have better fuel economy.  Buy a four-cylinder car over a six-cylinder for greater fuel economy.

  • EPA Efficiency

Do your research on EPA fuel efficiency statistics.  Compare vehicles in terms of how many miles you will be able to travel for each gallon of gas you buy.

  • Buy Hybrid instead of Standard Car

Consider purchasing a Hybrid since they will save you the most gas.  Hybrids are a more expensive than a standard car, so make sure the amount that you will save in gas will compensate for the price of the car itself.

  • Diesel-fueled vehicles

Diesel-fueled vehicles get approximately fifty percent more fuel economy than gasoline-fueled cars.  Right now, diesel engines are not particularly common in America, but they account for about half of automobile sales in Europe.  Diesel engines use direct fuel-injection which wastes little fuel compared to gasoline engines that use about one third as much fuel at idle as a gasoline engine.

  • Avoid options that increase Gasoline Intake

When you purchase a car, avoid choosing options that increase the gasoline intake of your car, such as four-wheel drive, automatic and additional weight items.

  • Always buy a New Car

If possible, buy a new car over a used since a vehicle’s miles-per-gallon decreases as its age increases.

  • Low Resistance Tires

Purchase low-resistance tires.  Low-resistance tires means less energy is needed for the car to move, which in turn means less gas is needed.

  • Avoid Stop-and-Go

Avoid stop-and-go drives if possible and avoid speeding as these driving styles waste gas.

  • Remove Extra Items

Remove unnecessary items from your trunk, as this weight will make a big difference.

Thus Buying fuel efficient vehicles helps to save the environment and fuel efficient vehicles have better resale value.

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Nasir Taimoori is a freelance journalist working for different digital publications. He writes on various social, national and international issues. He also has an interest in translation.

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