b2Basketball is one of the most loved and watched games in the world. Basket ball stars earn big money in every league and have a huge fan following. Now some people may want to enjoy the game but not know the rules of the game properly. This article will discuss the rules for them.

Now you must know that all major leagues have their own rules including NBA- National Basketball Association.

The first and foremost rule is to score more by putting the ball in other team’s basket. The basket is however placed ten feet high above the ground. At the end the team with most points wins the game. So the rules are quite simple, isn’t it? There are differences in game duration for many types of basketball games; a high school basket ball game lasts for 32 minutes while a collage and international school game lasts for 40 minutes. Men’s professional game has duration of 48 minutes and the women’s professional game is 40 minutes.


Now to the construction of the team; a basketball team has five players each. There are two teams playing against each other and the referees control the teams and the game also as an administrator of rules in the court. The referee starts the game by tossing the ball high up in the air and each team try their luck by taking control of the ball.

The team with the ball passes it to its members; and the players try to score a basket by throwing the ball in the opponent’s basket at the same time the opponents try to protect their basket and build a strong defense. One interesting trivia, you should know that the player possessing the ball can not keep hold of it unless he starts dribbling it to the ground. Now dribbling is the act of bouncing the ball up and down against the ground. When the player stops dribbling he has to pass the ball to the other members of the team who can move forward taking the ball with them.

There are mainly two ways of winning by making points; one is to score baskets. Now depending on the distance of the basket a player or team can gain 2 to 3 points. There is however another way of scoring points and that is by free throwing. A free throw occurs when opponent team commits some technical mistakes. When the team leading with the ball missed to make it a basket then the ball is free and players from both teams have the equal opportunity to take it back; this is called rebound.

While playing the game trusting your teammates is a must. You cannot just horde a ball all by yourself much longer as it will give the opponent an easy opportunity to take it from you. Now as you now know all the rules you can also coach your little kid for his/her school basketball game.


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