t2One of the most popular and sophisticated games of the world is cricket. It is popular mainly in European countries from where the game originated. Beside European countries the game is also very popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and in Australia, New Zealand etc. Most probably the game originated in these countries from the British empires as these countries were under British bondage for so long. But we are here today to discuss the rules of new kind of cricket. Now what this new type of cricket is? Well, to spice up the game a bit more and to attract more and more audience to the game, it has introduced a new format of cricket. It is not lengthy and boring like the previous format of test cricket matches but very much entertaining.



This type of cricket format was first introduced in England in the year of 2003. Here are a few basic rules of 20-20 cricket.

  1. There are only 20 overs in an innings unlike 50 overs of one day cricket.
  2. Each bowler is allowed to bowl only 4 overs maximum in a single innings.
  3. If a bowler delivers a ball while stepping over the crease line it is considered as a no-ball. A no ball is when the opposite team gets one run to their account but no ball will be counted. The next ball is a free hit. A free hit means that the batsman can be only run out.
  4. The team can be rewarded with five runs of penalty if any of the two judge feel like a team is wasting time intentionally.
  5. The breaks or interval in these twenty-twenty games are usually lasts for fifteen minutes but when there is any special circumstances of wasting time on previous innings the breaks may reduced to only ten minutes.
  6. In 20- 20 cricket one short pitched ball is ok per over.
  7. Maximum five players can only be on the leg side given any time of the match.
  8. On the first six overs of the game not more than two fielders can be on the outside of 30 yard circle of the field.
  9. After six overs only five fielders can stay inside the circle.
  10. The bowler of the last over that is 20th over has to start bowling before 75 minutes of the innings. If failed to do so the batting team will get additional 6 points to their account.

When there is a tie between two teams the winner is decided with a little continuation of the game called extra time. This process stirs up the excitement and fun amidst spectators. The game of twenty 20 has captured the heart of millions of youth and sports enthusiast. India watches cricket religiously. The game format has also introduced world cup championship which helped the game to gain immense popularity all over the world. Twenty20 helps the game as well as the players to be daring and take chances in difficult situation.

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