Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

It is famous that by eating an apple daily, a person stays away from the doctor. But does the science of nutrition confirm this view? According to nutritionists, apples are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Some amounts of magnesium are also found. This fruit is free from salt, fat and cholesterol. The main feature of apples is that it contains various “bioactive substances” .

Bioactive substances refer to natural substances that are found in small quantities in many foods. However, they play an important role in giving health and wealth to all living beings, including humans. There are hundreds of varieties of them. Since apples also contain many bioactive substances, nutritionists have placed it in “functional food”.

Functional foods are those that contain vitamins and minerals as well as bioactive substances. That is why they are superior in nutrition than normal foods. Remember, according to experts, the term “superfood” is meaningless because no natural food contains all types of nutrients. It’s just a trade slogan that companies have raised to sell their products.

Every living organism in the organism’s body does its own specific function. It especially protects humans from diseases like cancer, heart disease and type 1 diabetes. Apples contain a bioactive substance called “Pectin”. This is the type of fibre. This substance reduces the amount of sugar and fat in the human body and protects the person from heart disease and diabetes type 1. Apple fiber is also mushy, so it does not allow constipation in humans, which is a disease called umm-ul-muraj.

Polyphenols  are also found in abundance in apples. These substances keep humans healthy and protect them from various diseases. They are found in apple peels, so they are less common in juice or juice. Polyphenols are useful in heart disease. Also, do not allow the eater to fall prey to Alzheimer’s disease, in which memory is lost. Apples also contain a bioactive substance called  fluoridzine. This substance also reduces the amount of sugar in human blood. Thus, apples are useful fruits for type 1 diabetes patients. Nutritionists say that eating two apples daily has more benefits medically. Scientific research has also discovered the following benefits of apples:

Body weight loss

Apples are a fruit rich in fiber and water and both these natural blessings make the stomach feel full for a longer time. One study found that people who ate apples before eating, they felt full for a longer time than others. The same study found that people who eat apples at the beginning of a meal make an average of 200 fewer calories than other people.

Protecting the Heart

Polyphenols help prevent heart disease by reducing blood pressure, harmful cholesterol and oxidative stress. Another study found that eating an apple a day has the same effect as medicines that are consumed to reduce cholesterol levels. That is, this fruit is effective in reducing the risk of death from heart disease like medicines.

Protection from Cancer

Many studies have proved that the bioactive substances present in apples reduce the risk of cancer in humans. The reason is that apple bioactive substances act as antioxidants. They do not allow “free radicals” to form in the human body, which are toxic elements. These independent molecules play an important role in giving rise to cancer.

Prevention from asthma

 A study of more than 68,000 women found that women who ate more apples had a lower risk of asthma. Eating a large apple daily can reduce the risk of this disease by up to 10 percent. The polyphenols present in apple peels strengthen the immune system and help reduce worms. Both of them help prevent asthma and allergies.

Strengthen the bones

Eating fruits increases bone density. Researchers believe that the antioxidant and insecticide compounds present in apples improve bone strength and density. Some research reports have proved that the habit of eating apples has a positive effect on bone health. A study found that women who eat apples have less calcium deficiency in their bodies than others.

Useful for the brain.

Apple juice prevents mental decline caused by aging. A study on animals found that drinking this juice reduced the rate of harmful reactive oxygen areas accumulated in brain tissue and also reduced the risk of brain decline. In fact, apple juice  provides protection to acetylcholine, a  brain neurotransmitter that decreases with age. Its deficiency also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits to gastrointestinal microbes

Eating apples on a regular basis increases the number of germs useful for our digestive system. According to a 2017 study published in the journal Nutrients, the use of different apple varieties significantly increased the number of  actinomyces in people’s stomach. These systems improve the overall digestive health.

Dental Health

A 2018 scientific study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that eating apples reduced sensitivity to harmful germs in a person’s mouth. This process keeps the whiteness of the teeth healthy. Apples also help in removing the smell of the mouth.

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