Tricolsan- A Dangerous chemicals in anti-bacterial soaps

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US federal agency has unveiled the results of the 10-years research on anti-bacterial soap a few days back, which are surprising to all those who use anti-bacterial soap at home. The research stated that there is no difference between normal soap and anti-bacterial soap, however, the chemicals in the anti-bacterial soap are dangerous and harmful for skin and health.


FDA banned 19 chemical elements (chemicals) which are used by every known soap company. According to the FDA Director Janet Woodcock, the consumers think that anti-bacterial soaps are more effective, however, we don’t have scientific proofs that these soaps are better than normal soap. In the anti-bacterial soap, a chemical named Triclosan is used which is not only harmful to skin disease but also severely injurious to the immune system.


In the historical context, the usage of Triclosan chemical began in the 1950s and 1960s. This chemical was used to protect from bacteria in the hospitals partly. Later, the soap making companies began its usage and created this impression in the parents with the extraordinary strategy that bacterias are everywhere, which causes skin, digestion problem, flue and fever in their children. If you use our anti-bacterial soap then your child would be safe.

This advertising campaign proved so effectively that people started to become its victim unintentionally, and within few years the usage of Triclosan chemical also began in the toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, toys even in the clothes.

After some period, American people realized that skin diseases were rapidly increasing. Local newspapers took notice of it and FDA started the probe on the ingredients of soap. In the mid 1970s, FDA suggested to ban Triclosan chemical in the soaps.  However, the multinational companies had enormously spent billions of dollars and US administration was collecting tax on every anti-bacterial soap, so the legislation process stopped for some period.

During this period, these multinational companies expanded in European and Asian countries and the slogan of bacterial protection brought huge profit to the companies. The companies spent millions of dollars in advertisement campaign and spendings are being carried out to form new attitudes till date.

In 2015, US doctor Robin Mayfield revealed that we could not even think to bath with anti-bacterial soap and it is harmful to our health. According to him, the soap certainly clean the body and it removes bacteria from your body, but the regular usage of anti-bacterial soap causes hazardous skin diseases.

Dr. Robin says that these anti-bacterial soaps could not make a difference between good and bad bacteria and they kill the good bacteria as well, and making them (good bacteria) alive are extremely effective for your health.

She said, these soaps consist of hard chemicals which don’t end red psoriasis but increase them, so use normal soap in order to protect good bacteria instead of anti-bacterial soap.

Experts of Arizona State University have advised the pregnant women to keep away from anti-bacterial soap. In the latest research, it came to know that the reproduction of child in the womb and health of mother severely effect by taking bath or hand washing from anti-bacterial soap during the pregnancy.

With the continuous usage of all such soaps, the basic and necessary bacterias for your body are also killed or removed from the body through the powerful impact of Triclosan.

According to a research of Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the anti-bacterial items consisting of Triclosan causes genetic changes and it could also cause food allergy.

FDA has stopped all anti-bacterial soaps companies from advertisements because these companies are failed to prove about the usage of chemicals, whether any chemical is harmful or not if used for a long time? Is Triclosan able to protect from bad bacterias of water? Are normal soaps better?

In this regard, a second proof was found in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences magazine published in November 2014. According to the research, the usage of Triclosan chemical in antibacterial soap causes allergy in child and tumour. During the research, a new aspect came to the surface, that Triclosan also disbalances our different hormones and it is more likely that it can also cause breast cancer.

According to the Dr Robert T. Schooley, from San Digo School of Medicine, the University of California, a researcher and head of the research stated that every human being is using Triclosan in every item which is also rapidly causing a negative impact on environment.

Dr. Robert tested the daily impact of Triclosan on a rat for six months. The results were shocking. The researchers did not have any idea that they are examing such a chemical which creates harmful cells in a phenomenal speed. It causes tissue in the liver and nurtures provocative behaviour. The researchers mentioned that the human can also become a victim of liver cancer just like the rat faced.

In 2014, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine published a research thesis on the topic of ‘Presence of Triclosan in Health Workers’. It stated the urine of every three health workers out of four has the presence of Triclosan.

Similarly, the magazine ‘Environmental Sciences and Technology’ tested the samples of pregnant women in 2013 and there was 100 percent Triclosan present.



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