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Special drone prepared for CPEC surveillance


Drone basically a flying machine. It is a vehicle which is not physically drive by any man. It is also called as unpiloted air craft or space craft. These Drones actually revolutionize the warfare by allowing seeing and killing from half a world away and by this science fiction becomes the reality. It started out as a toy for dogs to chase but now used as a weapon.

Special Drone prepared for CPEC surveillance


Karachi: A private Pakistani company Integrated Dynamics has made the advanced drone following a research of 15 years, which has been presented before the world through International Defence exhibition and Seminar, IDEAS 2016. The aircraft with modern communication systems can carry out air surveillance from Gwadar to Kashgar by just controlling from Karachi. Chief Executive of Integrated Dynamics Raja Sabri Khan informed the company has made the latest aircraft for air surveillance with the name of ARROW after 15 years of research and development.

The aircraft could also be used for defence purposes, while it can do surveillance in the night as well. The aircraft with advanced surveillance system can fly with a pilot and without a pilot. It can fly with the speed from 57 km/hour to 154km per hour. It can continuously fly for 15 hours even at the height of 18,000 feet and can take high-resolution pictures of the target and can send to its command and control center from 500 km away. The aircraft can receive videos and pictures from any part of the world through GPRS and advanced communication technology. He said the Arrow is a useful weapon for surveillance of sensitive installations and CPEC. It has the capacity of carrying 150km weight which could be used for defence purposes and target the enemy.

The aircraft can fly from Karachi to Gwadar in one and a half hour around by just sitting at Karachi. The same aircraft could send live videos and pictures to special ground stations near the economic corridor. He said the company would this aircraft before Pakistani and Chinese officials. The company’s various drones are being successfully used in different countries for civil purposes. It’s coverage areas are agriculture, traffic, protection of oil and gas pipelines and other sectors. The ground control station, programming, display softwares and other devices have been made locally. The entire system of the aircraft could be transported within the 20 feet containers to any place and within one hour of its assembling, it is able to fly. It is pertinent here that Integrated Dynamics had made Pakistan’s first drone aircraft as Burraq, which was employed an advanced weapon system on a government level with the assistance of China. The company has expertise in air surveillance and without pilot systems. Its’ aircraft and control systems are being exported to many countries among West with government approval.

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