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US cipher was a blow to Pakistan-US relations, says Ambassador Asad Majeed admits

“It was planned official meeting held at Pakistan House in Washington, attended by Deputy Head of Mission and Defence attaché”

Both sides knew the minutes of the meeting were being taken

Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed recorded his statement in the court

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan has said that Shah Mehmood knew the by chance of US cipher otherwise he had come for cipher General (retd) Bajwa, which was tried to suppress because it exposed Donald Lu.

Talking to the media in Adiala Jail, Imran Khan said Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed recommended to demarche Donald Lu in the official meeting on what he said, demarched on the recommendation of the ambassador and it is being said that there was no conspiracy, such a cipher has never come in the history of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood came to know about this cipher by chance, otherwise it was for General (retd) Bajwa to hide it. Every effort was made because it exposed Donald Lu.

“What is a bigger conspiracy than the toppling of the government within three weeks? If there was no such thing in the US cipher, then why was demarche done? Does anyone demarche America? The day the demarche was carried out, the same day the US cipher became public, why was it asked that US cipher to interfere is Pakistan’s internal affairs in the National Security Committee meeting? On the issue of US cypher, the parliamentary committee was formed, and on whose threat did it abolish? We had also asked the Chief Justice to conduct an inquiry into the cipher case, Khan said.

The founder of PTI said that no country was demarched in our three-and-a-half-year tenure, but after the cipher, our members started breaking up, many people, including Raja Riaz, were going to the US Embassy, on which the IB report was also present. Hussain Haqqani was given $ 35,000 and Hussain Haqqani was made to tweet that Imran is anti-American while Bajwa is in favor of America.

He said the army does nothing without the instructions of the Army Chief, I have never made any statement against Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum, we know how the army works.

Similarly, former ambassador Asad Majeed has recorded a statement in the cipher case, in which he said that there was no reference to the words of danger or conspiracy in the secret cipher telegram, the cipher was a blow to Pakistan-US relations.

According to Express News, special court judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain heard the cipher case in Adiala Jail. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder, Imran Khan Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Former Ambassador Asad Majeed, Faisal Tirmidhi, Farrukh Abbas and Akbar Durrani have recorded their statements.

Former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States Asad Majeed said in a statement that from January 2019 to March 2022, he was ambassador to the United States, on March 7, 2022, US Aassistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs, Mr. Donald Lu was invited for a working lunch.

Asad Majeed said the cipher telegram of communication in the meeting was sent to the Foreign Secretary, deputy head of mission and defense attaché were also present in the meeting held at Pakistan House, both sides knew the minutes of the meeting were being taken. The conversation was reported to Islamabad by Cipher telegram, and there was no reference of danger or conspiracy in it.

He said, “I was also called in the meeting of the National Security Committee, it was decided to demarche during the meeting of the National Security Committee, I had proposed to do the demarche, the Cipher issue was a setback for Pakistan-US relations.”

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