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Pakistani agencies are not accountable to any law nor rules

Agencies in Pakistan established only by executive order after the establishment of the country

A former head of the intelligence agency says that the process of secret phone tapping cannot be stopped purely for security reasons, but the process of intelligence agencies can be regulated so that problems like audio leaks can be prevented, reported by Ansar Abbasi.

Talking to The News , he said that agencies around the world do phone tapping for security reasons, but we lack the rules. “We don’t have rules, we don’t have laws that go beyond agencies. He further said that the issue of phone tapping should be discussed in detail so that there is a discussion on the issue of espionage in which national security is protected, but there is no place for phone tapping for political purposes or to defame anyone.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that the audio leaks are a serious violation of national security as it puts a question mark on the entire security of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister’s House. Imran Khan said that his secure line was also tapped at his residence as prime minister, pti will approach the court regarding the authenticity of the audio leaks and then demand the formation of a JIT to find out which intelligence agency is involved in tapping and who is leaking the audios. And most of these audios are edited or artificial.

The former prime minister said that this situation is worrisome as illegal recording of sensitive security issues is being done and done, as a result these recordings have been hacked, which gives the impression that Pakistan’s national security has been exposed  globally  .

Interestingly, when Imran Khan himself was the Prime Minister, he had supported phone tapping by agencies in an interview to private TV. Pakistan is one of the few democracies where intelligence agencies operate without any regulation. There is no rule for these agencies, no one questions them about their performance.

Former DG IB, Shoaib Suddle had taken steps regarding legislation. In the early days of the Zardari-Gilani government, he, as the IB chief,  voluntarily took steps for parliamentary oversight as the first intelligence chief and drafted a law after observing the laws of other democracies. After he retired, the draft he prepared “disappeared”.

Nasir Taimoori

Nasir Taimoori is a freelance journalist working for different digital publications. He writes on various social, national and international issues. He also has an interest in translation.

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