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Israel develops innovative device to see behind wall

Israeli technology experts have developed a special device with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through which security personnel can see behind wall. The device has been developed for military purposes mainly and security personnel can view the objects behind the wall.

Xaver 1000 device was made by imaging solutions company of Camero-Tech company. As per the company, the system has also a live tracking system based on AI, which jointly operates with see-through wall technology.

The company says it is an essential system for militaries, law enforcement, and intelligence units. It is a new tool for tactical military operations, as it can detect the presence of life in rooms, the number of people and their distance from the system, target height and orientation, and the general layout of a space.

Not only, this technology correctly detects live objects but it can even inform us about the position of that person and if a person is sitting, lying or standing.

The system is also capable of providing measurements of targets and determine if the image is of an adult, child or animal, allowing soldiers or police officers to know what they are up against on the other side of the wall

The amazing part is, that the innovative system can also inform us about the heights of the objects, and even further guide us if is it a child, adult or any animal. This device can be used even by a single person, and one person can see all the details on a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. The company said the technology could make many operations successful and will be a game-changer for security institutions. Currently, the device is only available to the Israeli military but there are hopes, the device very soon would be available in other parts of the world.

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