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New variant of coronavirus fills China’s morgues, hospitals

Severe pressure on the health system from emergencies

A high number of deaths lost space in cemeteries

In China, the hospitals and morgues have been filled due to the new variant of the coronavirus, while the emergency situation is also putting severe pressure on the health sector. Due to the increasing cases, the United States and other countries have started considering imposing travel restrictions on China. The testing of Chinese nationals arriving at Milan airport in Italy from Beijing and Shanghai has also been initiated.

According to the foreign news agency, a new wave of coronavirus in China has created an emergency situation. Hospitals and morgues have become crowded, the victims of the epidemic are going through a long wait, and daily cases are increasing rapidly, due to which the pressure on the institutions of medical facilities has increased and there is a shortage of staff.

Owing to the rising cases daily, there was less space in hospitals and morgues. Beds in the emergency and intensive care wards fell short. Patients have been forced to make rounds from one hospital to another for admission.

The new variant of corona in China is rapidly spreading to other countries, due to which many countries are considering imposing travel restrictions on China.

In China, the corona zero-tolerance policy was relaxed due to intense public pressure and protests, after which the spread of this deadly virus has seen a rapid increase and millions of people are being infected daily.

China has prevented releasing the number of daily cases, but the news agency’s representative spoke to ambulance drivers and medical staff who said the number of patients has increased these days. The representative also visited cemeteries where more bodies are being brought than usual, most of which have been due to corona. The last rituals of the deceased are being performed with all precautionary measures, he said.

A person associated with the management of the cemetery told the correspondent that there have been such a large number of deaths that many cemeteries are unlikely to get a new place for a year. The people who develop graves said that on average, 200 dead are being buried a day. I don’t even have time to eat. The situation is very worrisome.

According to the news agency, the Chinese government was asked for information through email about the deaths due to coronavirus, but there was no response. On the other hand, Italy has made it mandatory for passengers coming from China to test for corona, while the United States has started considering imposing travel restrictions on China.

Italy’s health minister says that all passengers coming from China will have to undergo antigen swabs and virus sequencing, this step of monitoring and testing the corona variant is necessary to protect the Italian population from the virus. Corona testing of passengers coming from Beijing and Shanghai at Milan’s airport started on December 26.

Britain and Germany say they are closely monitoring the rising number of coronavirus cases in China, but are not currently considering new restrictions for Chinese travellers. India, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan have already imposed new corona restrictions for foreign travellers. It should be noted that corona cases have increased after easing the current corona restrictions in China.

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