Pakistani government defies calls to cease free electricity for officials

The government officials in Pakistan sell free electricity to nearby houses

Finance Ministry had recommended the immediate abolition of free power facility for government officers and employees

In a country where people are forced to commit suicide due to poverty, inflation is increasing day by day, and now the electricity bill is also increasing every month. But here, the ruling class is getting free electricity. Will there be any country in the world where the ruling class will be so cruel, callous and insensitive that the poor are forced to pay the electricity bill by selling household goods while this elite is taking free electricity? The current update is that caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has stopped government officials from ending the free electricity facility.

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has barred government officials from ending free electricity facility. According to a report from a private TV channel, the Ministry of Finance had recommended ending the free electricity facility immediately and instead suggested paying the amount.

The report on free electricity presented to the Prime Minister revealed that every month the remaining units are being carried forward to the next months and most of the employees and officers sell the free electricity units to neighbors. It was informed in the report that officers and employees of 10 distributors and 4 power generation companies are getting free electricity, and officers and employees of NTDC and WAPDA are among those who get free electricity. Apart from this, the officers and employees of PITC, the bill printing company, are also given free electricity.

According to the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) report, government officers and employees have access to free electricity even after retirement, whereas, a total of 189,000 employees and officers are consuming free electricity.

According to the report, the grade (BPS) 17 officers of distribution companies take monthly 450 units of free electricity, while the grade 17 officers of generation companies are taking monthly 650 units of free electricity.

 As per the report, the Grade 18 officers of the distribution company consume free 600 units per month and the Grade 18 officers of the generation company use 700 units of free electricity monthly.

Similarly, the grade 19 officers of the distribution companies use free 880 units monthly and the grade 19 officers of the generation companies lavishly consume 1,000 units of free electricity per month. The report said the grade 20 officers of distribution and generation companies get monthly free 1100 electricity units and the grade 21 officers get 1300 units of free electricity per month.

As many as 311 employees of the Presidency get Rs 80 million annually and 445 employees of the Prime Minister Office receive Rs 140 million in electricity utilities and electricity bills. It has also been revealed that more than 3,000 lower and high court judges and staff have been given Rs 350 million annually in the form of utility and electricity bills.

Unless people come out against the elite and the ruling class in Pakistan, the people will remain low and the brutality of the ruling class will continue to increase. Therefore, this is high time to protest, whoever protests, the people should stand by them.

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