Siha Health & Wellness: World’s first Shariah-Compliant OPD company, under Tabani Group now

Tabani Group, a renowned business conglomerate in Pakistan, has acquired the world’s first and only Sharia-compliant OPD company, Siha Health and Wellness Private Limited as a subsidiary.

The Sharia-compliant OPD Company has been accredited unanimously by 17 Islamic scholars from Pakistan, Africa, UAE, India, and Bangladesh as a fully Shariah-compliant entity. 

Siha, a Sharia-compliant OPD company, specializes in tailor-made cashless health and wellness solutions according to the needs of the client’s eco-system. These services are provided to clients across all industries in Pakistan where Siha curates, supports and coordinates employees through a one-stop cashless outpatient solution providing access to doctors, pharmacists, labs, diagnostic centers and medicines. The Sharia-compliant OPD company, provides a one-stop, high-quality health and wellness solution to increase employee satisfaction, resulting in better employee engagement.

After the incorporation into the Tabani group, the network of Siha, Sharia-compliant OPD company, is set to expand in Pakistan and different countries.

“We were very impressed with the dedicated professionals of Siha Health & Wellness, a Sharia-compliant OPD company, during our due diligence process and we strongly believe our combination will significantly enhance our offerings to clients and prospects across the country. I look forward to welcoming Siha, colleagues joining us as part of Tabani Group to our growing family of professionals.” Said Muneeb Tabani, Director of Tabani Group and Siha Health & Wellness.

The Sharia-compliant OPD company, Siha’s team comprises of global experts from the healthcare and the insurance industry. It aims to introduce global standards of quality health and wellness services in Pakistan have been incorporated into Siha’s blueprint.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the world’s first and only Sharia-compliant OPD company, Siha’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Adnan Mustafa Siddiqui stated ‘This partnership will reshape how health and wellness services are perceived, delivered and valued in Pakistan; we are the pioneers of cashless OPD solutions in Pakistan – it is the first of its kind in the country.  We see healthcare provision as a reactive service- we believe that the focus should shift towards disease prevention which requires a great deal of proactivity.‘

Nadia Bukhari Associate Professor at UCL, Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Siha said: “We understand that a healthier, happier workforce who has a positive mental attitude leads to lower attrition rates and better productivity.  Our vision at Siha, world’s first Sharia-compliant OPD company, is to provide access to quality healthcare and wellness solutions for all – regardless of creed, colour or social status through an integrated health management system.  This partnership with Sharia-compliant OPD company is our first step toward making our vision of healthcare a reality and we are extremely excited for the future.”

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