The truth about the World’s Happiest Countries

The top countries use anti-depressant drugs more than other European countries.

In the list of happiest countries globally, the World Happiness Report tells us that Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Israel top the world’s richest countries. Whereas, Palestine, which has been the target of state-based Israel’s terrorism for decades, ranks 99th.

Every year the UN-backed organization publishes a report about the happiest countries globally that ranks countries based on “happiness”. But critics have pointed out inconsistencies and biases in its methodology, claiming that the classification appears to be leaning towards wealthy Western nations that ignore centuries of colonial exploitation in which other countries’ wealth was looted and taken to their own countries.

Most of the most prosperous countries of 2023 are in Europe. For example, Finland has topped as the world’s most prosperous country and has been there for the last six years. But the fact is covered up that the citizens of this country use anti-depressant drugs more than other European countries. The same is true for Iceland, which is second, and Sweden, which is in sixth place.

Meanwhile, the least prosperous country in the World Happiness Report is India, which is ranked 126th.

Another report, known as the Global Happiness Report, ranked China as the world’s most prosperous country on the basis of the balance of work and daily routine.

Similarly, United Nations World Happiness Report states the per capita GDP of countries is the most important factor in determining overall prosperity, but the fact is that this GDP does not take into account income inequality among citizens. It does not tell us who gets the country’s wealth and who does not, nor does it give us information about how much of this wealth is in the hands of a few people.

The United States, ranked 15th in prosperity, experiences significant income inequality compared to any other developed country.

On the other hand, Gallup’s website claims they survey the entire urban population and non-institutionalized adult population of a country for data in the prosperity report, but it does not include the population that lives in prisons, nursing homes and senior centres etc.

To develop the list of happiest countries globally, the researchers do not survey citizens in areas that they think are not appropriate to survey because of any risk here.

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