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Voting begins for Independent Kurdistan; Live updates

Voting begins for Independent Kurdistan

Today (25th Sep. 2017)  the region of Iraq called as Kurdistan is going to set the history for the world, the autonomous government of the region is no doubt surrounded by political tensions and national and international rejection on this move.

The Kurds are entitled to their right of self-determination and also to their right for a free life in Kurdistan.

It is expected that minimum of 900 thousand people use their rights today in Kurdistan as ballots also occurring even in those areas also where sovereignity is disputed with Baghdad.

Dr. Najmaldin Karim, governor of Kirkuk Governorate in Iraq is coming to cast his vote

An employee cast her vote at the polling station in the region of Kirkuk, Iraq

Not only Baghdad, but the United Nations, the European Nation, the United States and the local powers Iran and Turkey are also against this referendum and disapproved this poll. Reports said that they have closed their airspaces and borders with the region

On the other side the people of Kurdistan are very hopeful and believes that the new State will born and it will be named as The Republic of Kurdistan. The rise of a great nation is imminent.

After South-Kurdistan’s independence and liberation, 40 million Kurds will, of course, pursue the independence and liberation of the 3 other parts of the historic Kurdish homeland.

Today history will be written for Kurdistan. And the world will hear their voice loud and clear.

For live updates about the voting, follow the below link

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