What is Insomnia


Insomnia is no more a problem that affects adults or elderly people only. The rat race of modern life has taken its toll on the sleeping patterns of young students, women and sometimes kids. There could be varied reasons causing insomnia which include poor physical or psychological health and also discrete events tormenting the nerves. Although there are numerous tips available here and there to resolve this problem, a doctor knows best how to cure insomnia.

Chronic insomnia which is often considered an effect of prolonged medical problems can be cured permanently if the root cause is treated. Hence how to cure insomnia greatly depends on the correct diagnosis of the cause. Patients with arthritis, chronic pain in limbs, heart disorder and blood pressure often end up becoming insomniacs. Medication used to treat this condition can add up to the problem of sleeplessness. The doctor should be informed if the patient is already suffering from insomnia as an effect of the consumed drugs so that he can find out how to cure insomnia. Other health problems causing sleeplessness include brain liaisons, asthma, fatigue, congestion in lungs and Alzheimer’s disease.


The surrounding plays an important role in curing insomnia. Harsh noise should be avoided during the bedtime as an interruption in sleep might result into a completely sleepless night. The room temperature should be comfortable as excessive coldness or warmth hamper sleep. Certain lifestyle changes should be made to cure transient insomnia. Eating heavy meals right before getting to bed is not recommended at all. Daytime naps might be a reason of restlessness at night. To understand how to cure insomnia with the minimum lifestyle changes, one might make changes for betterment to his day-to-day routine.

Relaxation techniques can help in getting sleep if practiced regularly. You can perform breathing exercises before bedtime and get into bed with a relaxed and tranquil mind. A mind free from all worries and qualms helps you fall asleep faster. Controlling external stimuli imparts therapeutic effects on the nervous system. Refraining from televisions, radios or exciting books before sleep time is suggested for the best result. Sometimes cognitive therapies given by professional psychologists help people get rid of insomnia. Many people have reported that taking herbal tea without milk and sugar is a great way how to cure insomnia. Sipping it right before the bedtime can help.


If you are suffering from symptoms of insomnia, you will normally experience fatigue during the day and feel restless at night or you might even wake up in the early hours of dawn and end up with the maddening struggle to go back to sleep. In most instances the sleep pattern gets upset and often patients undergoing these symptoms of insomnia are more inclined to take repeated catnaps during day time. Sleeping in the night is often interrupted and is fitful. These are the most common symptoms of insomnia prevailing among elderly people.

You will find aged people often getting less and fragmented sleep in the night compared to their earlier youthful days. Deficiency in sleep is often instigated by problems related to health, financial strain or a major alteration in a day to day lifestyle and due to extensive usage of harmful medication. These factors often result in chronic sleep hindrance or acute insomnia. Symptoms of insomnia also enhance the possibility of severe health problems, for instance, depression. Very few people inquire about treatment for sleep disorders or receive appropriate treatment.

Following a healthy and active lifestyle and keeping away anxieties is the right way to combat insomnia.If you have money problems that keeps you awake during the night check this unsecured loan application online.

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